[MlMt] New problem with Gmail

Benny Kjær Nielsen mailinglist at freron.com
Mon Jun 10 08:59:31 EDT 2013

On 5 Jun 2013, at 16:28, Eric A. Meyer wrote:

> At 20:59 +0200 6/4/13, Benny Kjær Nielsen wrote:
>> It seems it varies a lot for users. The problem may also be affected 
>> by a race condition since both MailMate and Googles SMTP server talks 
>> to the IMAP server (and I have no idea exactly how the latter works). 
>> In any case, I expect future versions of MailMate to work without 
>> this and similar Sent Messages related problems (which have been 
>> discussed on this list a long time ago).
> Dunno if this helps, but I just tested a manual workaround that worked 
> to clear out two stuck draft messages from yesterday.
> I looked in my Drafts folder in the GMail source, and saw a whole lot 
> of messages marked with red dots except for
> two.  There were already copies of those two (and all the others) in 
> the Sent Mail source folder, but the two Drafts copies hadn't been 
> red-dotted.

The red dot indicates that the `\Deleted` flag has been set (an IMAP 
concept). Usually, MailMate only does that immediately before expunging 
the message (permanently deleting it). In other words, red dots usually 
means that another email client is involved, for example, Apple Mail 
marks messages as `\Deleted` (but hides the messages) and then later 
(not sure when) permanently deletes them.

> I manually dragged the messages from Drafts to Sent Mail.  There was a 
> flicker of activity, and then the two Drafts messages showed up there 
> again, but this time with the red dots.  The copies in Sent Mail were 
> still there, and no duplicates were created in Sent Mail.

The Gmail problem involves the server doing things when not asked to do 
them. Therefore, it is possible that MailMate shows a message in a 
mailbox while it is not really there, because MailMate won't (cannot) 
realize it before the next time the mailbox is synchronized. In other 
words, be careful with the conclusions :-)

> I wasn't watching the Activity monitor, so I can only guess, but it 
> feels like my attempt to manually drag the
> messages over forced GMail to re-evaluate them, thus getting them 
> red-dotted in Drafts without creating duplicates in Sent Mail or any 
> other icky side effects.

Hopefully we won't have to understand the problem in more detail. I 
believe the latest test version of MailMate is stable and it should not 
trigger the Gmail drafts-problem. This version (r3481) can be fetched by 
holding down ⌥ when clicking “Check Now” in the Software Update 
preferences pane.

The latest test version should also be good news for users receiving 
TNEF files (`winmail.dat`). Out-of-the-box, MailMate should now be able 
to extract these files.

I have also rewritten the release notes to sum up all the changes since 
the latest public release (r3323, April 9th).


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