[MlMt] New problem with Gmail

James Perry james.w.perry at icloud.com
Tue Jun 4 09:33:09 EDT 2013

On 4 Jun 2013, at 9:28, Benny Kjær Nielsen wrote:

> Hi MailMate users,
> just a quick warning. (Sorry for the rambling style, but I only have a 
> few minutes.)
> The past couple of days the Gmail IMAP server (Gimap) has changed 
> behavior (again). This triggers a problem with MailMate as follows:
> * Compose a message and send it.
> * MailMate simultaneously uploads the message to “Drafts” and 
> sends it using Googles SMTP.
> * When sending is complete MailMate copies the messages from 
> “Drafts” to “Sent Messages” (a cheap action on IMAP).
> * After the copy MailMate deletes the message in “Drafts” (this is 
> how messages are moved with IMAP).
> * Gmail bug 1: Gmail claims the deletion is a success, but the draft 
> has not been deleted.
> * Noticing the deleted message when it re-appears in “Drafts” you 
> might try to delete it (after noticing the duplicate in “Sent 
> Messages”).
> * Gmail bug 2: Deleting a message in “Drafts” for which a copy in 
> “Sent Messages” exists triggers deletion of *both* messages.
> * The sent message can now only be found in the Trash.
> I've changed how MailMate behaves such that sent messages are instead 
> uploaded directly to “Sent Messages”. This should fix the problem 
> and make MailMate behave like most email clients (hopefully avoiding 
> similar problems in the future).
> Various notes:
> * A workaround is to take “[Gmail]/Drafts” offline (not tested).
> * A test version is available, but it might have bugs related to 
> various half-implemented features. Handle with care: 
> http://updates.mailmate-app.com/archives/MailMate_r3459.tbz
> * One user claims the problem has disappeared. This is not the case 
> for me (at least not an hour ago).
> * Officially there is no problem with Gmail: 
> http://www.google.com/appsstatus
> -- 
> Benny
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I was wondering why I was seeing the weird behavior with 'sticky' drafts 

Best Regards,

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