[MlMt] New problem with Gmail

Benny Kjær Nielsen mailinglist at freron.com
Tue Jun 4 09:28:35 EDT 2013

Hi MailMate users,

just a quick warning. (Sorry for the rambling style, but I only have a 
few minutes.)

The past couple of days the Gmail IMAP server (Gimap) has changed 
behavior (again). This triggers a problem with MailMate as follows:

* Compose a message and send it.
* MailMate simultaneously uploads the message to “Drafts” and sends 
it using Googles SMTP.
* When sending is complete MailMate copies the messages from 
“Drafts” to “Sent Messages” (a cheap action on IMAP).
* After the copy MailMate deletes the message in “Drafts” (this is 
how messages are moved with IMAP).
* Gmail bug 1: Gmail claims the deletion is a success, but the draft has 
not been deleted.
* Noticing the deleted message when it re-appears in “Drafts” you 
might try to delete it (after noticing the duplicate in “Sent 
* Gmail bug 2: Deleting a message in “Drafts” for which a copy in 
“Sent Messages” exists triggers deletion of *both* messages.
* The sent message can now only be found in the Trash.

I've changed how MailMate behaves such that sent messages are instead 
uploaded directly to “Sent Messages”. This should fix the problem 
and make MailMate behave like most email clients (hopefully avoiding 
similar problems in the future).

Various notes:

* A workaround is to take “[Gmail]/Drafts” offline (not tested).
* A test version is available, but it might have bugs related to various 
half-implemented features. Handle with care: 
* One user claims the problem has disappeared. This is not the case for 
me (at least not an hour ago).
* Officially there is no problem with Gmail: 

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