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Erik Mueller-Harder edmh2011 at erikmh.org
Wed Feb 27 16:20:31 UTC 2013

Benny Kjær Nielsen JUST wrote:

> The solution is to do this using MailMate instead. In the General 
> preferences pane (⌘,).

I can confirm:  this works flawlessly here.  My results are now the same 
as those of Amiram and Thomas rather than of Zvi.

> This thread shows that MailMate should automatically detect that the 
> user has set MailMate as the default mailto: application and then 
> offer to do the same for message:, mid:, and cid: (if they are not 
> assigned to MailMate).

“Should” in the sense of “in the best of all possible worlds”, 
sure.  But the current situation is scarcely horrific.

> Unfortunately the developer seems to still be on vacation ;-)

Hmm.  Seems to me the developer isn’t in fact applying himself to the 
tasks intrinsic to vacationing with sufficient diligence.  Get off the 
message boards, Benny, & back to the beach!  (And if you have kids, 
watch out:  when I was last in Thailand, at age 8, a taxi driver offered 
to buy me from my parents for ฿5.  Fortunately, my parents held out 
for more....)

— Erik


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