[MlMt] Mailing lists and Mailmate

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Thu Jan 26 07:57:20 UTC 2012

On 26 Jan 2012, at 1:49, Benny Kjær Nielsen wrote:

> I almost decided to give an answer to that argument in my first reply 
> :-) First, anything is possible and I did not claim that it was not 
> possible to do it. I claimed it was non-trivial.

Wait, a perfectly obvious function that any developer would want?  
Non-trivial using an Apple API?  CALL THE MEDIA!  THEY MUST BE INFORMED 

I don't doubt that it's gratuitously hard, although it does seem like 
they totally OUGHT to provide a reasonable way to do it.

... but yeah, not at all disputing that it's non-trivial.

> Now that may not be a bad idea, but the problem with NSTokenField is 
> that it is difficult to monitor drag events. As I wrote previously I 
> forgot the ugly details, but as I recall I concluded that the only way 
> forward was probably to subclass the so-called field editor (for those 
> who know Cocoa) and that was when I decided that it wasn't currently 
> worth the effort.


No usable delegate for events?

>> More generally, you could have a preference with a name like "only 
>> allow a given address once in recipient fields".  At that point, 
>> adding an address to a field implicity removes it from all others.  
>> In practice we probably want that anyway.
> Good point. This also gives me an idea for a workaround in which I 
> don't directly monitor dragging events, but instead monitor paste 
> events and token insertions to implicitly monitor dragging events. It 
> would not be perfect, but maybe it would be good enough.

That seems like it might be.  If you see a new token show up, it's a 
reasonable guess that the user meant that.

FWIW, casual searching on my part shows only people saying "I wanted 
drag and drop so I had to subclass".


looks like it's not too insanely much work, but I don't know whether it 
does the right thing.


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