[MlMt] Reading and archiving threads

Benny Kjær Nielsen mailinglist at freron.com
Mon Jan 23 09:24:19 UTC 2012

On 23 Jan 2012, at 9:13, Alan Schmitt wrote:

> I'm using the "Organize by thread" option, which gives me a very Mutt 
> like (although folded) view of the messages of a thread. 
> Unfortunately, I haven't found a workflow that easily lets me read and 
> archive a thread. More precisely, if I keep the thread folded, every 
> message (including unread ones) will be archived if I archive it. So I 
> first need to unfold the thread (right arrow), then archive the 
> message.

Note that holding down ⌥ expands the entire thread when using right 
arrow or clicking on the triangle (standard Mac OS X feature). Another 
useful feature may be “Select Thread” (⌃⌘A) - to archive after 
reading the thread (even if not using “Organize by Thread”).

But I can see that the above would not be optimal.

> Could there be a "archive this message and jump to next unread in 
> thread" keyboard shortcut?

I've just added 4 actions to the messages outline to be used for key 
bindings. After the next update you should be able to make a key binding 
	"a" = ( "expand:", "archive:" );

That should automatically expand the thread before archiving the 
currently selected message(s). The next one is then automatically 
selected if you are in a mailbox not showing archived messages. If you 
need to explicitly move to the next (unread) message then it can be done 
as follows:

	"a" = ( "expand:", "archive:", "nextUnreadMessage:" );

The `expand:` selector may be the (only) useful one, but for the sake of 
completion I've introduced:



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