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David Levy entropydave at mac.com
Thu Oct 20 11:59:03 UTC 2011


I have been interested in this issue too, although I use BusyCal 
(www.busymac.com/) which is better.  A while back I asked them about 
supporting MailMate for things like invitations, responding to 
invitations, etc.  They are super friendly and flexible and they looked 
at MailMate and said it didn't seem to have the right support, *but* 
they would work with MailMate's developer to agree how to make it work.  
At that time, I believed that Applescript support was not one of Benny's 
priorities.  Evidently progress has been made.

On 20 Oct 2011, at 12:44, Benny Kjær Nielsen wrote:

> I have attached a script which can be used as a replacement, but it 
> has one important problem. It can correctly fill out the To-header (if 
> a recipient is given), the subject, and the body text. But it cannot 
> attach the iCal event. Now, it would be nice if one could at least 
> drag the event to MailMate to attach it afterwards, but this does not 
> work due to a bug (or missing feature) in MailMate (I have fixed it 
> for the next release). The current workaround is to drag the event to 
> the desktop to create an .ics file and then drag that file to the 
> composer.
> I have tested the script with OS X Lion. This will of course stop 
> working if iCal is updated such that the Mail.scpt file is overwritten 
> (or is no longer used).
> I’ll be looking into making the attachment work without all the 
> dragging.

I wonder if you could contact the folks at BusyMac and ask them about 
supporting the functionality that currently works with Mail and Outlook 
(and some others) with regard to invitations (e.g. accepting an invite, 
automatically creates a confirmation mail for sending).  If you've got 
almost this far with Mail.app, I bet you could get further with BusyCal.

I think it is true that BusyCal is *the* alternative to iCal.  
Certainly, lots of people I know use it and we all think it is great.


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