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Thu Oct 20 11:44:43 UTC 2011

On 20 Oct 2011, at 7:55, Olivier BEDOUELLE wrote:

> Coming back to you on Mail.app
> When I ical.app with an invitation, the invitation is sent with 
> Mail.app, is it possible to send it with MailMate.app? I said that my 
> application is MailMate default.

This turned out to be a non-trivial question. The short answer is: No, 
iCal is hardcoded to use Mail.app and does not look for the default 
email client (which essentially just binds mailto: links to an 

The long answer is: Yes, it can almost be hacked to work. Explanation 
follows below, but it is neither a simple nor a perfect solution.

iCal uses AppleScript to tell Apple Mail to create a message. The script 
is located here:


Make a backup copy of that file before proceeding!

I have attached a script which can be used as a replacement, but it has 
one important problem. It can correctly fill out the To-header (if a 
recipient is given), the subject, and the body text. But it cannot 
attach the iCal event. Now, it would be nice if one could at least drag 
the event to MailMate to attach it afterwards, but this does not work 
due to a bug (or missing feature) in MailMate (I have fixed it for the 
next release). The current workaround is to drag the event to the 
desktop to create an .ics file and then drag that file to the composer.

I have tested the script with OS X Lion. This will of course stop 
working if iCal is updated such that the Mail.scpt file is overwritten 
(or is no longer used).

I’ll be looking into making the attachment work without all the 

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