[MlMt] Default from address

Benny Kjær Nielsen mailinglist at freron.com
Thu Oct 6 11:18:26 UTC 2011

On 5 Oct 2011, at 19:27, Steve Hodgson wrote:

>> For new messages (I assume you are not asking about replies) the
>> identity used for the default From header is based on the currently
>> selected message and if such a message does not exist then it is 
>> based
>> on the bottom-most message displayed in the outline. This last part  
>> is
>> actually a bug (fixed now) since it should take the sorting of the
>> outline into account (I have the newest message at the bottom 
>> myself).
> There are two problems I typically experience currently. I should 
> probably say that I have three accounts; IMAP, Gmail and MobileMe - of 
> which I use the last one very rarely. My default would generally be to 
> use my IMAP (Fastmail) account and then the other two only rarely, or 
> where replying to messages sent those accounts.
> Often I find that when I create messages from my unread folder I end 
> up using another account from the one I expect and I can understand 
> that now. In my case it appears to also use the newest message which 
> is sorted to appear at the top.

No, if nothing is selected then MailMate always bases it on the 
bottom-most message (as described above).

> What I don't like about this arrangement is that's it's not always 
> predictable what account will be used.

Well, it is predictable, but I agree that it is not always intuitive. A 
better strategy is needed and maybe an option to override with a fixed 
choice of account.

> What I have noticed is that treating a new mail message from a 
> sub-folder within SOURCES will generally use the parent account but 
> just occasionally but just occasionally seems unable to pick-up the 
> account name and just shows the account address but not the name. This 
> hasn't been repeatable through.

I haven’t seen this behavior myself. If you are able to repeat it 
later on then write me a note.

Kind regards,


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