[MlMt] MailMate event scripts

Helge Andre Gudmundsen helgeg at helgegudmundsen.com
Sun May 15 14:16:12 UTC 2011

Thanks for the debug variable, which confirms that the scripts actually 

>> In the meantime I have found out that my script actually triggers, 
>> but that MailMate does not play any sounds whatsoever on my system. 
>> Could be a configuration issue on my end, so I will look into it.
> Does this include sounds configured in Preferences (for Sent Message 
> and Counters)?

Yup, no sound plays even when configured in Preferences. FWIW, I have an 
external audio interface installed in addition to the Mac System Audio, 
however, System Audio is configured to go through the internal speakers. 
One additional detail: when selecting the sound in the Preferences 
dialog, it plays, but when new mail arrives there is only silence. 
Anyway, the sounds in themselves are not important, I only wanted to 
make sure that the script was triggering.

>> This leads me to two further questions. Will it be possible to have a 
>> script trigger on the receipt of new messages and pass the subject 
>> and body on to a shell script?
> It is not currently possible, but I would like it to be possible. I'll 
> think about how it can be implemented. Let me know if you have any 
> particular requirements.

Thanks for looking into this, it is much appreciated. I have to say I am 
very happy that I found MailMate, it is an excellent mail client. I was 
thinking about moving to a terminal based client (mutt), but MailMate 
fills my needs, and lets me stay in the regular OSX environment.

> I can add that I also think it should be possible to trigger such 
> scripts on selected messages. (I cannot give you a time frame though, 
> but interesting use cases are always an inspiration.)

Glad to hear it!

Best regards,

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