[MlMt] Tips to make custom (thread arcs) views easier?

Mike Brasch mikebrasch at fastmail.fm
Sat Jun 25 20:50:17 UTC 2011

On 6 Jun 2011, at 9:36, Benny Kjær Nielsen wrote:

> If you just want to exclude messages that are in your own “Sent 
> Messages” mailbox then you can change the transformation used to the 
> following (in the thread arcs part of the plist file):
> 	transformation = "($ALL_MESSAGES xor $SENT).filter(#thread-id =[c] 
> $mainOutline.#thread-id)";

Is it possible to make a decision? Something like

if mailbox is "Mailing lists" then ($ALL_MESSAGES xor $SENT). ...
if mailbox is not "Mailing lists" then ($ALL_MESSAGES). ...

The first case makes sense for mailing lists, but in other cases it is 
less convenient.


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