[MlMt] New Experimental Version r6028 released

Henry Seiden info at techworkspro.com
Sun Mar 24 09:33:45 EDT 2024


And now it’s working for me as well. I have no idea what happened 
before but I got a white screen when clicking in Help menu.

Coincidentally, did have issues in the MacOS related to something 
entirely different (unlocking with Apple Watch) that I just cleared up, 
it was related to a Bluetooth issue.

Don’t see the relationship but that was kinda strange, so it could 
have been that remediation. Anyway, thanks for the feedback and glad it 
wasn’t something more serious.


Henry Seiden
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On 23 Mar 2024, at 13:09, Steve Burling wrote:

> On 22 Mar 2024, at 20:08, Henry Seiden wrote:
>> No Help Menu shows up when the item is clicked in the Help Menu. An 
>> unusual window with a blank screen instead, appears. If it’s a 
>> Safari linkage, then why is it now broken? Are there settings for 
>> this?
> Unless I'm misunderstanding what you're reporting, I don't see this. 
> Every item in the Help menu opens *some* window. In the case of the 
> first item, a window titled "MailMate Help" that looks like this shows 
> up:
> [ "Help Window.png" ]
> (I don't know if the attachment will make it through.)
> -- Steve
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