[MlMt] No Notification Sounds when sending / receiving emails

Pierre Igot mailmate at latext.com
Fri Mar 22 13:10:26 EDT 2024

I could be wrong, but it might have nothing to do with MailMate and everything to do with macOS. I too have been experiencing problems with notification sounds for  MailMate (and notifications for some other apps), and the problems seem to be due to the macOS 14.4 update. If you recently updated to 14.4, I would suspect that first. It seems that this update has caused an old(ish) bug in macOS to resurface, which sometimes causes (for unknown reasons) the coreaudiod background process to stay stuck.

You can confirm this by trying to play other sound effects, in System Settings > Sound. If they don’t play, that’s the problem.

When this happens, my solution is usually to force-quit coreaudiod in Activity Viewer. After that, the stuck queue of unplayed sound effects is cleared (some of them played in quick succession) and then things work normally again in System Settings and in MailMate… for a while.

There is no need to reboot or even to quit and relaunch MM when your force-quit coreaudiod.

Let us know how it goes.


On 22 Mar 2024, at 5:35, Warren Gray wrote:

> It seems MailMate is suddenly (last couple weeks or so) not playing the notification sounds when sending and receiving emails. So I updated to the latest version 1.14 (6027) and it's still the same. Mac System / settings / Sound / output all set. Mac System / Settings / Notifications / all good for MailMate. Mailmate / settings / counter / sounds set to sound of choice (which I hear when selected). Spamsieve / settings / notifications / play sound tried both on and back to off ... makes no difference. I even installed SoundSource and ensured audio output is mapped to my Macbook speakers. I'm stumped. Anyone else noticing this? I'm on a MacBook Pro M1 with the Latest operating system. Thank you...

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