[MlMt] No Notification Sounds when sending / receiving emails

Henry Seiden info at techworkspro.com
Fri Mar 22 09:24:58 EDT 2024


My installation is working fine as noted below, both sending (Whoosh 
default setting, enabled in MacOS System Settings) and receiving uses 
the chosen sound for unread messages (MailMate>Settings>Counters>Sound 
Selection dropdown>).

My system: MailMate/6025/282BCB28-893E-51E7-891E-F3272BC540D1 


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On 22 Mar 2024, at 4:35, Warren Gray via mailmate wrote:

> It seems MailMate is suddenly (last couple weeks or so) not playing 
> the notification sounds when sending and receiving emails. So I 
> updated to the latest version 1.14 (6027) and it's still the same. Mac 
> System / settings / Sound / output all set. Mac System / Settings / 
> Notifications / all good for MailMate. Mailmate / settings / counter / 
> sounds set to sound of choice (which I hear when selected). Spamsieve 
> / settings / notifications / play sound tried both on and back to off 
> ... makes no difference. I even installed SoundSource and ensured 
> audio output is mapped to my Macbook speakers. I'm stumped. Anyone 
> else noticing this? I'm on a MacBook Pro M1 with the Latest operating 
> system. Thank you...
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