[MlMt] "X-Envelope-to" - should be more visble

John Doherty jld at jld3.net
Wed Mar 6 12:22:37 EST 2024

I don't know if this helps, or whether you have already done it, but you 
can create a smart mailbox that selects messages in which the 
"X-Envelope-To" header exists (or does or doesn't match or include 
certain strings, etc.).

When you're creating the Conditions for the smart mailbox, you have to 
choose "Other..." at the bottom of the popup menu and can then select 

I just did it out of curiosity and found that I have only 28 messages 
among ~134,000 that include this header, 19 from one specific mailing 
list and nine from one specific domain. So it seems pretty uncommon, at 
least in my mail.

On Wed 2024-03-06 02:21 AM MST -0700, <lists.freron.com at nietzold.com> 

> I have some spam mails which uses the `X-Envelope-to:` header
> Some of them are don't have a `to:` header
> If I just search in the mail mate search box it not find this emails. 
> I need explicit use  `X-Envelope-to: myname at mydomain.com` to find it.
> What can I do that the normal search also include the `X-Envelope-to:` 
> header?
> I would also like to see this header as a line in the mail view.
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