[MlMt] Thread expansion logic?

Henry Seiden info at techworkspro.com
Mon Mar 4 16:16:13 EST 2024


For me the toolbar expansion of threads in a folder seems to work OK.

E.G. This is exposed when clicking the thread expose tool in the tool 
bar and hides all threading when the other tool is used.

There are parts that don’t work as they should (sorting), though and I 
take your point on those.

You didn’t indicate on settings how you have them and/or enable the 
threaded mode.


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On 28 Feb 2024, at 11:57, Bill Cole wrote:

> Is it just me or is the logic controlling how MM expands threads 
> incomprehensible?
> I mostly read mail in per-source submailboxes of a smart mailbox that 
> aggregates threads with unread messages across subfolders of multiple 
> accounts, including mostly non-INBOX sources. Much of the mail is 
> mailing lists like this one, where threads are important. I have found 
> that recent test builds (roughly: 59xx and 6xxx) have lost any 
> discernible pattern in how threads are expanded in relation to unread 
> messages. Often I go into a mailbox and find some threads expanded 
> down to the first unread message, some fully collapsed despite having 
> unread messages one or two levels down, and some expanded to reveal 
> all unread messages.
> I do not see any UI that would help tune this in any way. My ideal 
> behavior would be to have threads expanded by default to reveal any 
> unread messages.
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