[MlMt] Thread expansion logic?

Glenn Parker glenn.parker at comcast.net
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You may already know this, or it may not be your preferred UI, but you 
can use Option-Right_Arrow to fully expand a collapsed thread. If you 
prefix that with Command-A to select all messages, you will fully expand 
every thread in a mailbox. I sometimes use this to “get the big 
picture” on a mailbox.

I agree that there doesn’t seem to be a predictable logic for how 
threads are initially expanded, but I would not want threads with no 
unread messages to be expanded by default. Instead, I would like all 
unread messages to be directly visible in expanded threads.

On 28 Feb 2024, at 11:57, Bill Cole wrote:

> Is it just me or is the logic controlling how MM expands threads 
> incomprehensible?
> I mostly read mail in per-source submailboxes of a smart mailbox that 
> aggregates threads with unread messages across subfolders of multiple 
> accounts, including mostly non-INBOX sources. Much of the mail is 
> mailing lists like this one, where threads are important. I have found 
> that recent test builds (roughly: 59xx and 6xxx) have lost any 
> discernible pattern in how threads are expanded in relation to unread 
> messages. Often I go into a mailbox and find some threads expanded 
> down to the first unread message, some fully collapsed despite having 
> unread messages one or two levels down, and some expanded to reveal 
> all unread messages.
> I do not see any UI that would help tune this in any way. My ideal 
> behavior would be to have threads expanded by default to reveal any 
> unread messages.
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