[MlMt] Mail alert sound issue - v5895 on Monterey

Gavan Schneider list.mm.gavan at pendari.org
Wed Sep 28 03:00:15 EDT 2022

On 28 Sep 2022, at 16:48, Erik Wessel-Berg wrote:

> You wouldn't by any chance have SpamSieve installed? SpamSieve could be set up playing a sound when good mail arrives. See SpamSieve → Preferences → Notifications.
I can confirm SpamSieve is making the sounds on my system. MlMt has all sounds off. Changed the sound in SpamSieve preferences and was greeted immediately by the new sound with an incoming message.

So, at last count, the message arriving sound can come from MlMt (four settings), Apple Mail, and SpamSieve… any more?


Gavan Schneider
Gavan Schneider, Sodwalls, NSW, Australia
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