[MlMt] Clicking links in emails doesn't open them (Version 1.14 (5918))

Henry Seiden info at techworkspro.com
Tue Sep 27 08:30:57 EDT 2022


When I opened the new version updating on a first time basis on a 
different machine had several problems, one being on a specific 
infrequently used account (Outlook). But then it resolved itself.

Sometimes it helps to migrate the database settings as described in the 
help menu.

Since it resolved itself you said, there isn’t reason to do it. But 
that’s what I did in my case. My migration had several funny things 
happening, which is why I chose to migrate my database settings. Even 
doing that took a 24H period to resolve the OAUTH issue with Outlook by 
itself also. My other appearance issues (redirect icon in place of the 
Reply icon, funny mailbox settings and the like were resolved 

So, it seems this upgrade was not so much plug and play as previous, But 
there were a lot of changes in this one.

So, just pointing out that it was a bit rocky and glad to hear that link 
opening was resolved for you.


Henry Seiden
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Techworks Pro Co.
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On 27 Sep 2022, at 7:47, Jolin Warren wrote:

> Thanks Henry, Sam, & Richard for responding. Strangely the issue seems 
> to have resolved itself. I’m not sure if restarting Safari or 
> MailMate helped, but I can again click links in received messages and 
> have them open. What a relief!
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> => Jolin
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