[MlMt] copy/paste html links

Sam Birch list.mailmate at munkynet.org
Thu Sep 15 11:24:10 EDT 2022

On 15 Sep 2022, at 5:06, aisrael wrote:

> In my hands, it pastes directly  as a link (version 5898, on Big Sur).

How’d you manage that? I’d love to have that behavior.

When pasting into Microsoft Word, I get a hyperlink, so I know the data makes it to the pasteboard. But pasting into a MailMate composer (with Markup set to Markdown) gives me plain text.

I’m using MailMate 5902 on macOS 12.5. I tried selecting and copying the “More information…” link from https://example.com using both Firefox and Safari. Used ⌘C to copy from the browsers and ⌘V to paste to MailMate.

Thanks for any advice you can provide.

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