[MlMt] Message received sound configuration [feature request]

Eric Sharakan esharakan at gmail.com
Tue Sep 13 22:24:56 EDT 2022

I think what Sam is referring to is the Counters tab in MM's 
preferences, which allows you to specify the sound produced for the 
"Count:" dropdown in your chosen Mailbox.  You can do that for each of 
the four badges you can configure for the MM icon in the dock (even if 
you decide not to actually display an icon badge for that count).

In my case, I have a simple setup with one corner configured to count 
(and display) unread messages, so the sound I specify gets generated on 
all incoming mail.

For outgoing mail, I configure the "Sent Messages Sound:" in the 
Composer tab of MM's prefs.



On 13 Sep 2022, at 21:22, Henry Seiden wrote:

> Yes. Those show where the counter icon is to be located, and is 
> labeled as such in the menu, SFAIK. Nothing to do with sound, right?
> Respectfully,
> Henry Seiden
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> On 13 Sep 2022, at 21:13, Sam Birch wrote:
>> On 13 Sep 2022, at 13:39, Henry Seiden wrote:
>>> Mystifying and wrong as to current status.
>>> Outgoing sound shown is wrong and doesn’t accurately follow what 
>>> the current setting is… I’m afraid to mess with it.
>> Did you notice the radio buttons around the MailMate icon on the 
>> left?
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