[MlMt] Moving ISP/IMAP host

Bob Stern bobs.lists at icloud.com
Mon Sep 5 02:05:19 EDT 2022

> On 2 Sep 2022, at 20:41, Bill Cole wrote:
> Another MacOS tool that I like a lot for client-side message store 
> wrangling is (not free) Emailchemy: https://weirdkid.com/emailchemy/

To elaborate on Bill's suggestion, Emailchemy can eliminate the need to 
upload your old mail to your new email host while keeping the old mail 
accessible to Mailmate for searches integrated between your old and new 

Specifically, Emailchemy is both an email archiver and a local IMAP 
server.  After you archive mail to Emailchemy, you can turn on its IMAP 
server so that it looks like another email account to Mailmate.

You might also consider archiving your oldest email without uploading it 
to an IMAP server.  You may be surprised that you don’t refer to that 
old email as much as you thought you would!  MailArchiver X and 
EagleFiler would be my top recommendations for archiving old mail into a 
searchable database.

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