[MlMt] update - what to copy from the old Mac to the new one in order to preserve EVERYTHING in MailMate

John Cooper mailmate2 at coopercontent.com
Sat Sep 3 15:11:03 EDT 2022

Henry Seiden wrote (at 11:50 AM on Saturday, September 3, 2022):

> Yes, but you might want MM- reference to this for future use… It’s 
> in the MM Help list publication under the section, “Rebuild 
> Database”:
> How to transfer MailMate Settings to another computer
> To copy your settings to another computer you need these files 
> (depending on what you have customized):
> /Users/<username>/Library/Application Support/MailMate/*.plist
> /Users/<username>/Library/Application Support/MailMate/Resources/
> /Users/<username>/Library/Application Support/MailMate/Bundles/
> /Users/<username>/Library/Preferences/com.freron.MailMate.plist
> On 3 Sep 2022, at 14:24, Vlad Ghitulescu wrote:
>> Hey,
>> I'll switch Macs in a couple of days and I want to have MailMate just 
>> like it is now 😉 on the new Mac.
>> Last time I did something similar I installed MailMate on the new Mac 
>> and before starting it I copied from the old Mac the following files 
>> & folders:
>>     ~/Library/Application Support/MailMate/*.plist
>>     ~/Library/Application Support/MailMate/Resources/
>>     ~/Library/Application Support/MailMate/Bundles/
>>     ~/Library/Preferences/com.freron.MailMate.plist
>> Is this still the way to do this or did something changed?

I think it's clear enough that Vlad already has that list, Henry.
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