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Interesting, I missed this piece. I am a heavy user of Preside (never 
got used to Altamail), which I also find the closest thing to Mailmate 
on an iPhone. In particular its Search function is pretty impressive. In 
addition, its developer, Rich Waters, answers queries very quickly. He 
mentioned he is a also a single-person ‘team’, and he interacted 
with Benny in the past.


PS : I had problems with Preside because of my Exchange server, but 
Exchange is problematic with all email clients, including Mailmate.

On 24 Jun 2022, at 18:04, bwray at wraytx.com wrote:

>> On Jun 24, 2022, at 11:00 AM, Michael Nietzold wrote:
>> Any Plans to make it in the future?
> Benny has said “No” to an iOS version numerous times in the past.
> A couple of years ago, with the valuable help of several members of 
> this mailing list, I wrote a piece about two possible iOS alternatives 
> you might want to consider:
> https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://www.brycewray.com/posts/2020/05/battle-ios-email-heavyweights/__;!!JFdNOqOXpB6UZW0!vojUqoRbxNL3VX5VWytKI9gpO1EfKk9o58qudYCOti2MxC2xIwJ3NSPRLC04M1rnaJBMlYUp4H4ZvL0$
> Best wishes,
> Bryce Wray
> https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://www.brycewray.com__;!!JFdNOqOXpB6UZW0!vojUqoRbxNL3VX5VWytKI9gpO1EfKk9o58qudYCOti2MxC2xIwJ3NSPRLC04M1rnaJBMlYUpxZ2Kg84$
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