[MlMt] Stuck - No email in MailMate Inbox

Miles Fawcett miles202 at gmail.com
Tue Jun 21 08:05:05 EDT 2022

Still on my trial, and everything was going very well, but now none of the emails in my Gmail inbox don’t show up in my MailMate Inbox. I had removed a couple of inactive rules on the Inbox folder but didn’t see how that would have caused the problem.

The email from my Gmail inbox IS in All Mail and if I select one of the messages in MailMate (that is in the Gmail inbox) and manually move it to the Inbox, all of the other messages in the Gmail inbox then also show up in my MailMate inbox.

But I started up MailMate this morning (it had crashed overnight), and I was back in the same place.

Version 1.14 (5895)
My system: MailMate/5895/05000726-74CA-5123-BA23-8A67142C2DA4 12.4.0/arm64/MacBookPro18,3/8

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