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Just want to attract you attention to the following condition which I 

ThreadId is in mailbox ThreadId

This allows you to get all the mails related to the one mail which is in 
a specific (smart)mail box

You could set up a smart mailbox containing the logic which would give 
you “the mails” and create an other mail box which shows you the 

just my 5cts


On 30 May 2022, at 17:27, Miles Fawcett wrote:

> I am evaluating a move to MailMate from Superhuman so am new to 
> MailMate for the past seven days. I really love MailMate but would 
> miss the reminder functions (or remind if the recipient does not 
> respond).
> I am trying to replicate these use cases:
> 1. I send an email at mark it to be returned to my inbox if I do not 
> receive a response from the recipient in x days
> 2. I receive an email which I would like to defer actions for x days 
> to mark it to be archived and returned to my inbox in x days
> In my attempt to accomplish this (maybe I am missing a much better 
> way) —
> I have set up tags for days I want to “sleep” the messages (e.g., 
> ‘1-days’, ‘3-days’, ‘7-days’, ‘30-days’) and created a 
> smart inbox where all of the messages are shown (with nested *Smart 
> Mailbox*’s to process each of the tags. I have also created a tag 
> ‘Returned’.
> I am close with the following questions/issues:
> 1. Is it possible to use the “Last Viewed” date rather than the 
> “Date Received” in a filter or rule? So I can set the deferral 
> period from the date I am viewing the message and can easily reset the 
> deferral time?
> 2. Would a rule allow me to remove the sleep tag when another email in 
> that thread is received? So the reminder turns off if an email is 
> received in the thread.
> Thanks so much!
> Best,
> Miles
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