[MlMt] Searching on attachment filenames

Marc ARC MailMate at arcict.com
Thu Jun 2 03:13:38 EDT 2022


I haven’t been able to obtain any results with the use of 

But “A search_phrase” does give me a result and this translates in 
the search details to “Filename contains search_phrase”

I performed my tests with r5898



On 1 Jun 2022, at 16:55, Glenn Parker wrote:

> Is anyone else able to get reliable search results on attachment 
> filenames in MailMate?
> I have an IMAP folder that contains some messages with an attached 
> file called “Attachment.ics” (standard Zoom calendar invite).
> If I just search for “A ics”, I only see messages from year 2020 
> and earlier. I verified that I have messages from year 2022 with an 
> “Attachment.ics” attached file.
> I tried rebuilding my entire message database, but I still get the 
> same results. Is this maybe a problem with searching on filename 
> extensions versus the main filename?
> Using Edit > Find > Mailbox Search… was even worse. I enabled 
> “Attachment-Name” as a search option, but I get zero messages no 
> matter what I search for.
> NB: I already sent a separate email about this using the Send 
> Feedback… option, but I wanted to check with others, too.
> Glenn P. Parker
> glenn.parker at comcast.net
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