[MlMt] r5907 and Group Address completion

Benny Kjær Nielsen mailinglist at freron.com
Thu Jul 21 15:36:56 EDT 2022

On 21 Jul 2022, at 17:12, Edward Thome wrote:

> Has anyone else noticed this issue on r5907.
> I have a group address for all members of my department, and it used to complete to include all 29 members. Now it only shows a small number.

Most of the code related to MailMate expanding groups has changed recently and bugs are therefore quite likely (on any macOS release).

Maybe you could create a very simple group for which only 1 of 2 contacts are found by MailMate. Then send me the two contacts off list and I'll hopefully be able to reproduce it.

> On a computer running OS X 10.15 it shows about 1/3 of them. On a computer running OS X 13 public beta it only shows 1/6 of them.

This difference does sound very strange, but maybe it's related to some random nature of the bug causing this.


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