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Bill Cole mmlist-20120120 at billmail.scconsult.com
Fri Jan 28 17:45:46 EST 2022

On 2022-01-28 at 16:47:15 UTC-0500 (Fri, 28 Jan 2022 13:47:15 -0800)
Dave Carpenter <mailmate at lists.freron.com>
is rumored to have said:

> I am getting “IMAP problem for Yahoo Account” notices popping up 
> at regular, frequent intervals:
> - - -
> MailMate encountered the following error: “Server response: “D1 NO 
> [LIMIT] CAPABILITY Rate limit hit.”. Command attempted: “D1 
> Mailbox: “Blocked Mail”. <— This mailbox differs with each error 
> pop-up: “Sent”, “Bulk Mail”, etc.
> - - -
> I know that some email services won’t accept mail from a Yahoo 
> account. Does this have something to do with that?

No. Mail transport is via SMTP, this is IMAP, which handles delivered 
message access.

This is *probably* due to Yahoo having a limit on the number of 
concurrent open connections from the same IP address and/or to the same 
account. By default, MailMate opens up to 3 connections to each account 
when busy and will keep one idle connection open with the INBOX selected 
so that you get alerted when new mail arrives.

> What to do?

1. Search the Yahoo docs (or contact whatever support channel you have 
there) for the connection limit so you know what you have to work with.

2. Check how many mail clients you have simultaneously using that 
account. Some clients will open MANY connections to an IMAP account, so 
you may need to find a way to set limits in whatever clients you use. In 
MailMate, you can change the limit by editing ~/Library/Application\ 
Support/MailMate/Sources.plist to add a line like this to the block for 
the Yahoo account:

      maxNumberOfConnections = "2"

Generally it is problematic to reduce the number of connections to 1 
unless you are willing to give up live notifications of new mail. If you 
do that, make sure you don't have any mailboxes in the Yahoo account 
with "Connected" as their synchronization schedule. You can identify 
those by them being shown in the Source list in bold type.

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