[MlMt] Google is eliminating the grandfathered free Google Apps (hosted domain) offering

Richard Rettke pc8xtebtkw at snkmail.com
Fri Jan 28 17:16:06 EST 2022

I have some thoughts on Fastmail.

I switched from Gmail to Fastmail a year ago. Thank goodness it was a yearlong relatively slow transition for me and I had hung on to my gmail accounts.

In December I started getting errors in Mailmate that Fastmail was complaining about too many tags every time I attempted to assign a new tag. I would delete the assigned tag and as I’m a pretty heavy user of tags I opened a ticket with Fastmail.

The long and the short is that the Fastmail account is limited to 150 tags across all users and aliases. For my modus operandi that is grossly insufficient. As much as I would like to get off of Gmail, for the present I am migrating back from Fastmail and trying to envision a use for the 2 years remaining on my Fastmail subscription.

I like Fastmail and this was the only thing that cropped up that is unworkable for me. So if you’re not a user of Tags, I heartily recommend it.

On 28 Jan 2022, at 13:58, Kee Hinckley kee at hinckley.com  wrote:

> https://9to5google.com/2022/01/19/g-suite-legacy-free-edition/
> The new plans start at $6/person/month. Although apparently there's some backlash, so Google is doing a survey of users to see how many were just using it for personal/family use.
> Given that all I use it for is IMAP/SMTP, that raises the question of whether I should just move to Fastmail or ProtonMail? Any thoughts on benefits/limitations of those?_______________________________________________
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