[MlMt] How to disable copying text as Markdown?

Sebastian Hagedorn Hagedorn at uni-koeln.de
Thu Jan 27 02:29:09 EST 2022

From the release notes:

Revision 5861 (Thursday, January 20, 2022)

New: Menu items “Copy as Markdown”/“Copy as HTML” (⇧⌘C/⌥⌘C) added to explicitly allow the user to put these variants on the pasteboard.
Changed: Default copy behavior is always simple non-Markdown plain text.

On 27 Jan 2022, at 2:03, Quinn Comendant wrote:

> When I copy text from an email in MailMate, and paste it into another application, it adds Markdown formatting. For example, if I copy this line from an email:
> ```
> sudo bash add-monitoring-agent-repo.sh --also-install
> ```
> And paste it into Terminal.app, this appears:
> ```
> sudo bash [add-monitoring-agent-repo.sh](https://add-monitoring-agent-repo.sh) --also-install
> ```
> This is extra frustrating because add-monitoring-agent-repo.sh isn't even a URL.
> How do I disable this? I always want unformatted plain text on my clipboard.
> It seems this functionality should be something extra that is available in the Commands menu, not default copy behavior.
> Thanks,
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