[MlMt] Changes in 5859 break Styles.plist support

Benny Kjær Nielsen mailinglist at freron.com
Wed Jan 19 11:19:21 EST 2022

On 19 Jan 2022, at 16:54, Sebastian Hagedorn wrote:

> I’m unhappy with the changes in the new release wrt color. I have an 
> extensive Styles.plist that uses colors to differentiate between 
> flags. With 5859 the fontStyle settings are still honored, but 
> whatever color is specified appears to be ignored. Could that be 
> fixed?

Yes, this was not intentionally broken. For now, it should not be a 
problem to keep the support for the old configuration file.

> I’m also unsure how the Accent Color “Multicolor” is supposed to 
> work. Are there examples where that works differently from choosing a 
> specific color?

No, this will only have an effect if using a multicolor SF Symbol for a 
mailbox. This is not configurable in the interface yet, but it's 
possible to add e.g., `symbol = "thermometer.sun.fill";` directly to the 
`Mailboxes.plist` file to see one in action. Make sure to make a copy of 
that file before editing it (only edit while MailMate is not running).

> I don’t like “System Indigo” in MailMate, but I would like to 
> leave the System setting as it is.

The “System Indigo” color was the one closest to matching the 
MailMate icon, but it could be a custom color if anyone feels like an 
expert on light/dark mode colors suitable for MailMate. Based on 
experience with visual changes, my guess is that *any* color will 
trigger more negative than positive reactions ;-)

I can make the mailbox list selection color configurable, but the accent 
color is used in many parts of MailMate (by Apple code). I haven't (yet) 
found a way to make it configurable in general, but if I do I can add a 
general color popup to the General preferences pane.

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