[MlMt] Excluding an account Source from global search and Mailboxes

Marc ARC MailMate at arcict.com
Sun Jan 16 05:38:56 EST 2022


I had a similar issue
I defined Conditions on the All Messages mailbox ( did it years ago )

	Source>Path>Noinbox does_not_contain Junk
	Source>Path>Noinbox is not in MailBox_X Source>Path>Noinbox
	Source does not contain security
	Source>Path>Noinbox is not in Postmaster>Deleted Messages 
	Source>Path does not contain blacklisted

Hope this might give some idea’s



On 4 Jan 2022, at 4:16, Quinn Comendant wrote:

> I manage a mail server which has many postmaster@ mail accounts that I 
> need to monitor. These accounts receive many hundreds of messages a 
> day, such as Delivery Notification Failures, DMARC reports, and other 
> transactional messages. I've added these to MailMate, and noticed the 
> messages from these accounts appear whenever I do a "Search All 
> Mailboxes" and they appear in the Mailboxes section of the sidebar. 
> Obviously, it makes MailMate difficult to use when these transactional 
> messages are mixed in with my personal and work mail.
> I've seen [this 
> post](https://lists.freron.com/mailmate/2014-September/003159.html) 
> from 2014 where Benny says it was not possible to hide mail from 
> certain accounts from global contexts. I'm just checking if there has 
> been an update: does this feature exist yet?
> As an alternative: is there a way to maintain two separate mail stores 
> for MailMate, so in one I can have all my normal personal and work 
> mail, and in the other all the postmaster@ accounts? Perhaps I can 
> close and re-open MailMate (maybe with the option-key held down, like 
> Photos.app) to load a different mail library? I guess I could  
> manually manage two separate `~/Library/Application Support/MailMate/` 
> directories, but that would not be fun.
> Regards,
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