[MlMt] Excluding an account Source from global search and Mailboxes

Robert Brenstein mailmate at learning-insights.eu
Sat Jan 15 20:07:08 EST 2022

To expand on what John suggested. You could create a smart mailbox that 
shows all messages with begin with ”postmaster@" in their address in 
whatever sources you specify. Then you can tell your personal inbox to 
exclude messages in that mailbox. That should separate your postmaster 
and private messages. If you do manual searches, Bill made the 
suggestion for you to reduce the search scope. If you do that often, you 
could try to create a “private all messages” smart mailbox which 
uses “All Messages” as source excluding the mailbox with postmaster@ 
messages and search this one instead of using "Search All Mailboxes". 
Note also that you can change the default search from the the search box 
on top from "Search All Mailboxes" to “Search Current Mailbox” 
through a preference.

On 4 Jan 2022, at 8:37, John Doherty via mailmate wrote:

> Just curious if you've tried using smart mailboxes to help with this 
> situation.
> For example, a smart mailbox with conditions "message is not read" and 
> "To: does not contain 'postmaster@'" should always contain messages 
> that are not yet read and were not addressed to 
> "postmaster@<anything>": in other words, messages presumably addressed 
> to you personally that you haven't read yet.
> I receive a lot of automated email. Maybe not as much as you, but 
> probably a couple hundred messages a day -- not really sure, never 
> actually counted. I use about 10 or so smart mailboxes to segregate 
> things, and with a little more thought and effort, could probably 
> usefully create 10 or 15 more.
> Anyway, just a thought. Smart mailboxes are a pretty great feature of 
> MailMate and seem like they could help with your situation.
> On Mon 2022-01-03 08:16 PM MST -0700, <quinn at strangecode.com> wrote:
>> I manage a mail server which has many postmaster@ mail accounts that 
>> I need to monitor. These accounts receive many hundreds of messages a 
>> day, such as Delivery Notification Failures, DMARC reports, and other 
>> transactional messages. I've added these to MailMate, and noticed the 
>> messages from these accounts appear whenever I do a "Search All 
>> Mailboxes" and they appear in the Mailboxes section of the sidebar. 
>> Obviously, it makes MailMate difficult to use when these 
>> transactional messages are mixed in with my personal and work mail.
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