[MlMt] Apple Mail "Unread counter" behaviour in MailMate

Bennett Wetters contact at bendo.org
Wed Jan 12 11:06:08 EST 2022

Hello fellow MailMate users,

I’m currently in the process of switching to MailMate from Apple Mail and I’m struggling to reproduce a certain behaviour.

For my main mail account, I have an *extensive* set of automatic sorting rules that sort incoming mail in a series of folders and subfolders. I am used to the Apple Mail behaviour of displaying the unread count for a mailbox *including submailboxes* if the mailbox is collapsed in the sidebar and displaying the count for each submailbox when expanding the parent. How do I replicate this in MailMate? I can set the settings for each mailbox individually to include submailboxes, but I’m looking for a global setting that overwrites all previous settings for individual mailboxes once and is then inherited by all accounts and all their (future) (sub)mailboxes.

Thanks in advance!

Bennett Wetters
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