[MlMt] Histogram

Guillaume Barrette guitest02 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 6 21:44:51 EST 2022

Dear Andrew,

   I think you switched your View Layout to the "Statistics" view. To 
switch back, simply go into your menubar at "View -> Layout -> Select 
the one that you want". From your message I would guess you were using 
the "Three Pane" layout, but you can try the other one and see which one 
fit the best for your workflow.



On 6 Jan 2022, at 21:40, Andrew Buc wrote:

> I must have done something to make MM start displaying the attached 
> histogram in the lower pane, but what, and how do I put it back the 
> way it was? By the way it was, I mean that if I highlighted a given 
> email, I’d see a preview of it in the lower pane. Running r5673 
> under OS X 10.13.6. Thanks.
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