[MlMt] Excluding an account Source from global search and Mailboxes

John Doherty jld at jld3.net
Tue Jan 4 02:37:08 EST 2022

Just curious if you've tried using smart mailboxes to help with this 

For example, a smart mailbox with conditions "message is not read" and 
"To: does not contain 'postmaster@'" should always contain messages that 
are not yet read and were not addressed to "postmaster@<anything>": in 
other words, messages presumably addressed to you personally that you 
haven't read yet.

I receive a lot of automated email. Maybe not as much as you, but 
probably a couple hundred messages a day -- not really sure, never 
actually counted. I use about 10 or so smart mailboxes to segregate 
things, and with a little more thought and effort, could probably 
usefully create 10 or 15 more.

Anyway, just a thought. Smart mailboxes are a pretty great feature of 
MailMate and seem like they could help with your situation.

On Mon 2022-01-03 08:16 PM MST -0700, <quinn at strangecode.com> wrote:

> I manage a mail server which has many postmaster@ mail accounts that I 
> need to monitor. These accounts receive many hundreds of messages a 
> day, such as Delivery Notification Failures, DMARC reports, and other 
> transactional messages. I've added these to MailMate, and noticed the 
> messages from these accounts appear whenever I do a "Search All 
> Mailboxes" and they appear in the Mailboxes section of the sidebar. 
> Obviously, it makes MailMate difficult to use when these transactional 
> messages are mixed in with my personal and work mail.

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