[MlMt] Displaying the midnight hour

Antonio Leding tech at leding.net
Mon Jan 3 16:39:21 EST 2022

Hmmm - I don’t think so…

Sure one can choose to have 01-24 but that is not the issue I describe.  
I agree that top-of-midnight can be properly expressed as 24:00 but 
times after midnight ought never be described as 24:xx…

As far as I can tell, the settings you outline do not tell macOS, for 
example, to display 15m past midnight as 24:15…

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On 2 Jan 2022, at 23:44, Philip Paeps wrote:

> On 2022-01-03 12:52:47 (+0800), Antonio Leding wrote:
>> Hello & Happy New Year fellow Mailmate users — Quick question re: 
>> how Mailmate displays time between the top-of-midnight and 1am…
>> My research informs me that both 00:00 and 24:00 are, in some 
>> situations, used interchangeably for the top-of-the-hour at midnight. 
>>  However, that same research shows that the time between midnight and 
>> 1am are denoted using 00:xx format; consider “Zero Dark Thirty” = 
>> 30 minutes past midnight or 00:30.  In fact, I was unable to find any 
>> standardized uses of the 24:xx format for describing times between 
>> the top-of-midnight & 1am; all of the refs I found used 00:xx.
>> I have discovered that Mailmate displays times between 
>> top-of-midnight & 1am using the 24:xx format so, with the above in 
>> mind, I wanted to ask if this is intentional or a bug?
> It's a system-wide configuration setting.  Check under System Settings 
> -> Language & Region -> Advanced -> Times.  I don't know if there's 
> any region that has [0]1-24 as default but it's certainly an option 
> for people who like it that way.
> Philip
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