[MlMt] Displaying the midnight hour

Gavan Schneider list.gavan at galeel.com
Mon Jan 3 01:40:12 EST 2022

On 3 Jan 2022, at 16:44, John Cooper wrote:

>> It’s only a bug if Benny didn’t want this to happen, however it is not correct according to standard
> Because 00:01 is the first minute in the first hour of the day, a time of 24:01 would be the first minute of the 25th hour of the day, which is ludicrous.
Not sure if my post was read properly. A bug is something that is not intended by the programmer. A programmer is perfectly entitled to implement something I think is ludicrous. And I am entitled to say so, but it’s still not a bug if the code is performing as designed. There’s plenty of code been built to do the “wrong thing”.

AFAIK Benny has not intended the time display reported by the OP, and, as I said, the standard does not endorse it. I can’t replicate the reported behaviour with Version 1.14 (5853), but my MM “date received” does not honour the system 24hr setting so that’s not really a fair test (and, in my mind, is likely a bug).


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