[MlMt] Message in GMail web interface not appearing in mailmate

Dibson T Hoffweiler dibson at hoffweiler.com
Thu Aug 11 20:49:38 EDT 2022

Hi everyone!

I’m new to the list.  I’ve been using mailmate a few years, and only recently started using more features.  It’s been amazingly helpful for managing my email.  Thank you, Benny, for such a fantastic piece of software.

I recently searched for a message from someone and it wasn’t coming up.  I assumed I had bad search terms, or maybe that I misremembered it’s existence.  I found the email on the GMail web app, and then tried searching again - still couldn’t find it.  I then went into the sources view, which I assume has all email from the gmail account, and sure enough the email isn’t there.  It’s a short thread: 2 messages from someone else, 1 from myself.  I can see my sent message, but not the two from my correspondent.

Anyone have any insight into this?  Or how to solve or further diagnose the matter?

I had this issue on a prior version - 1.13.2r5673 - and I just now upgraded to Version 1.14 (5908), and I still can’t find it.

Thank you!
-Dibson T

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