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> Regarding smart mailboxes, my understanding has always been that it is 
> impossible to maintain them between 2 computers (running Mailmate).  
> Does any workaround exist?

It is theoretically possible to keep 2 MailMate instances' mailboxes in 
synch by synchronizing ~/Library/Application 
Support/MailMate/Mailboxes.plist between the 2 Macs. Unfortunately, to 
do this *safely* you must only do the sync when both instances are not 
running, because that's the only way you can be sure that the file is 
current and self-consistent and that MM will load a newly-synched file. 
It also contains definitions for all of the subscribed "source" 
mailboxes and all the rules associated with all mailboxes, so you can't 
easily only synch a subset like 'smart mailboxes.' This also implies the 
same collection of source accounts on both machines, so it is prudent to 
also sync the Sources.plist file whenever you sync Mailboxes.plist.

So, in practice it is not something that is simply automated to get 
'live' synchronization.

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