[MlMt] Is there a way to rescue the latest draft which I didn't safe?

aisrael alain.israel at pasteur.fr
Sun Sep 19 05:53:48 EDT 2021

When Mailmate crashes, the email I was just writing seems to be saved 
somewhere (even if I did not save before), and when I relaunch Mialmate, 
it asks whether I want to re-open this mail (some of the final texte may 
not be saved, but usually it works). However I don’t know whether this 
also works when you click Don’t save.


On 19 Sep 2021, at 11:14, leo wrote:

> I made a mistake: I wrote a lengthily draft, then closed it, because I 
> wanted to come back to it later to send it. However, when I was asked 
> „*Do you want to save your changes?*“ I clicked „*Don’t 
> save*“, instead of „*Save*“.
> I immediately realised my mistake, but of course it was to late… 
> **_or not_**? I did close MailMate on the MacBook in question straight 
> away.
> Now I’m hoping that MailMate saves the latest draft during the 
> editing process to the filesystem somewhere (even when it is not saved 
> to the IMAP Drafts folder), maybe only overwriting it when I create a 
> new draft…
> Does anybody can help me where to look for this file? Am I somehow in 
> luck?
> Many thanks for pointers!
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