[MlMt] Best way to keep MailMate up-to-date

Charlie Clark charlie at begeistert.org
Wed Sep 8 03:48:48 EDT 2021

On 7 Sep 2021, at 16:26, Nicolas Mitchell wrote:

>  Looks like the release notes are 
> /Applications/MailMate.app/Contents/Resources/ReleaseNotes.html, 
> rather than at the end of a URL.
>  So, for a particular release you can visit 
> http://updates.mailmate-app.com/archives/, download the version 
> you’re interested in and dive into the package.

While I could easily write something to do this, it seems like a lot of 
work and would **still** not indicate whether a release was suitable for 
the beta channel or maybe just a hot fix.


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