[MlMt] Web font not loading in New Yorker emails

Pierre Igot mailmate at latext.com
Mon Sep 6 18:09:44 EDT 2021


I am on several New Yorker mailing lists and they are all in HTML, of course. Lately, something has changed that seems to cause MailMate to fail to load or display the embedded font (NY Adobe Caslon Pro) when rendering the body text in the HTML email. Instead, the text is in Times New Roman (groan).

This only affects some mailing lists. The other ones continue to display text in Georgia (which is fine with me), as before.

If at all possible, I’d very much like to fix this font problem. But I have no idea how to go about doing that. I had a look at the source code for a sample page, such as this one:


It contains references to these fonts:





and they load fine in Safari.

But the same page renders with Times New Roman in MM.

Any tips?

(I tried downloading and installing a free TTF copy of the TNY Adobe Caslon Pro font and relaunching MM, but that didn’t help.)



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