[MlMt] Subject box obscures CC box

Christian Bailey freron at aetm.us
Wed Sep 1 22:59:08 EDT 2021

Another example:

![](cid:4A1694FE-7938-4B28-A333-DC610E6AFC8B at gmail.com 

On 1 Sep 2021, at 16:17, Christian Bailey via mailmate 'mailmate at 
lists.freron.com' wrote:

> Fairly often when I “reply all” and the CC box is extended for
> multiple recipients, MailMate renders the Subject box on top of the CC
> box so that many of the emails there are illegible. Here is an example
> (black redaction added for privacy).
> I’m running 5820, the latest test build.
> ![](cid:893E027F-C7D2-4D68-A5D4-1ADC39F617FC at gmail.com "Mailmate - CC
> box renders incorrectly.png")

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