[MlMt] Looking for error cause/name

Tracy Valleau tracy at dlsi.biz
Sat Oct 30 14:17:10 EDT 2021


My host is trying to chase down a synchronization error.

Recent, I got a spate of error boxes upon launch of MM, pointing to something (IN ALL CAPS) that apparently changed  on the host and caused MM to re-sync or re-load all the messages. The ALL CAPS was (I believe) some kind UID.

The message would let me resync once; resync always or (one other thing I can't recall either.)

Problem is, I didn't screenshot the error message, and I cannot remember the actual "UID" mentioned.

If anyone can tell me what I'm thinking of, I'll pass it along to my host as a possible solution.

Anyone know what I'm talking about and what that particular "UID" was actually named?


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