[MlMt] Exploding "counters" issue

Daniel B rothaar at gmail.com
Sun Oct 24 12:44:38 EDT 2021

(Resending, accidentally sent from wrong address and the list bounced. Changing emails is hard :) )


I am in the middle of a project to transition away from Gmail onto Fastmail (yay) but encountered a bizarre problem today for no apparent reason.

I have seen this behavior associated both with my new Fastmail account and at least one of the old gmail accounts it just happens won't be able to get rid of for a long time. But, it never showed up until I started the transition so it seems related. The gmail account is not yet linked to the Fastmail account.

The behavior is simple: whenever the INBOX *or* full account is synchronized, the counter badges on the MailMate icon go berserk, counting up super fast, and Mailmate becomes non-responsive. All I can do is force-quit the application.

I can recover by using Little Snitch to block all of Mailmate's network connections, reopening, and taking the account offline (or putting it on manual sync). When I let connections through again, it works fine until I try one of the forbidden syncs. I can sync other mailboxes successfully and without incident.

Once I get back in, nothing horrible appears to have happened. I do not have hundreds or thousands of new messages or duplicates, the counters go back to reasonable numbers... It's weird. I have previously been experiencing various problems with a different gmail account in Mailmate, part of my motive for transitioning, so its possible there is something weird and bad that had migrated over but that doesn't really seem to fit which mailboxes are giving me grief.

I see this behavior r5820, which is what I normally use, and r5831 (which is the most recent I can get my hands on).

I am separately sending logs generated by r5831 directly to mm-feedback. I don't see anything interesting in the activity viewer when the problem occurs, for what its worth.

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