[MlMt] Using a rule to forward a message, using a different From: address

Randall Meadows mailmate at not-pc.com
Wed Oct 20 15:47:38 EDT 2021

(I thought I'd asked this question before, but I can't seem to find any evidence that I actually did...)

I'm wanting to create a rule that forwards any message that satisfies the rule to a specific address, but the forwarded message needs to come FROM a DIFFERENT email address than the one that received it (but still one that is configured in my list of account email addresses).

This doesn't seem possible, based on the Rules Editor, which doesn't allow me to pick the email address for the forwarded message to be from.  Is there some other magic incantation that'll achieve this?


PS - Specific use case: I use AfterShip to track packages.  I can forward Amazon.com "Your order has shipped" emails directly to AfterShip to have them automatically added to my app/account for tracking; those emails must come from the email address associated with my AfterShip account, but that address is different than the email address associated with my Amazon account, hence the need to change the From: address of the forwarded email.

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