[MlMt] How can I create a Smart Mailbox with all emails I have sent?

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> Hi all, I would like to create a Smart Mailbox containing all emails I 
> have sent.

By default, MM has a "Sent Messages" mailbox which aggregates the 
mailboxes in all accounts which are marked as "Sent" type. It should do 
what you want. If you've somehow deleted it, you can recreate it by 
adding a smart mailbox which covers those source mailboxes and has no 
conditions or rules.

> I have tried a condition like  `“From -> Address“ contains 
> “<my email address>“`:
> But with this the Smart Mailbox contains spam which pretends to be 
> sent from my address as well.

If for some reason you don't have "Sent" source mailboxes and really 
need to find messages you have sent in source mailboxes that also have 
mail you didn't send, the condition "Received" "Does Not Exist" should 
do the trick. Note that this will skip copies of your own messages sent 
back to you by mailing lists like this one.

> Is there a mail header which says „_This message was really sent 
> from this particular SMTP server_“ or similar?

If a reliable header like that existed, the character of the Internet 
would be unrecognizable.

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