[MlMt] How can I create a Smart Mailbox with all emails I have sent?

leo mailmate at halloleo.hailmail.net
Thu Oct 14 21:20:47 EDT 2021

Hi all, I would like to create a Smart Mailbox containing all emails I 
have sent.

I have tried a condition like  `“From -> Address“ contains 
“<my email address>“`:

![](cid:6AC9D0B1-EC40-4991-8577-0AE101191C81 at halloleo.hailmail.net 
"Screen Shot 2021-10-15 at 12.15.02 pm.png")

But with this the Smart Mailbox contains spam which pretends to be sent 
from my address as well.

Is there a mail header which says „_This message was really sent from 
this particular SMTP server_“ or similar?

Many thanks,
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